The cornerstone of any strong and sound savings program begins with The Savings Account. Here at Tulare Federal, our Savings Account comes fully loaded.

    Earns competitive monthly dividends with a balance of just $25.00
    Can be used as loan collateral
    Must have a minimum balance of $25.00 that is required for Credit Union lifetime membership
    Deposits can be made in person, by mail, by allotment or direct deposit
    Offers flexibility with withdrawals at a branch, requested over the phone to be mailed, or by using a Tulare Federal Visa Debit Card

Savings Rates

This rate schedule includes rates applicable to specified Savings and Checking Accounts. This schedule is incorporated as a part of your account agreement with the Credit Union. Please contact the Credit Union for the most recent information. This schedule is subject to change at any time, without notice. APY= Annual Percentage Yield

Everyone is concerned about the high costs of health care. If you’re an employer, you can do something to help by offering Health Savings Accounts (HSA) through Tulare Federal. Employees who utilize a health savings account can deposit tax-deducible funds into the HSA to cover 100% of their health plan’s deductible, as well as other qualified medical, dental, and prescription expenses. A HSA is a tax favored savings account that is combined with a qualifying high deductible health insurance plan. For more information, or to set up a HSA plan for your employees, please give us a call at 559-686-1791.