With low interest rates, flexible repayment terms and as borrowed funds are repaid each month, they become available to borrow again! One great use of your Line of Credit is for Overdraft Protection for your Checking Account. You can avoid the expense and embarrassment of a bounced check by setting up an Overdraft Line of Credit. If your account is overdrawn, we have free overdraft protection with no minimum dollar amount. Or, when unexpected expenses or emergencies arise, a Line of Credit provides a source of funds when you need it.
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As a great low-rate loan, you can use your funds that are on deposit in your Tulare Federal Savings Account or Certificate as collateral. We simply add a small percentage to your savings rate, so while you pay off your loan, your Savings or Certificate Account continues to earn dividends. Apply Now

A variety of personal loans are available to members who need additional cash. An unsecured Signature Loan can provide a specific dollar amount for a set period of time to be used for any reason and requires no collateral - just your signature based on your credit history. Apply Now